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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Beat the Stock Market

Over the past decade, the belief that artificial intelligence could solve the complexities of the stock market has spread like a wildfire. The notion that humans lack the capacity and capability compared to machines, who will, without fail, consistently beat the market over time. By simply programming a machine, it will produce the ultimate formula […]

The 2020 Stock Market Dilemma

If there’s one thing that shows the massive disconnect between stock market performance and economic activity, it’s a chart of the Institute of Supply Management’s Report on Business: one of the world’s most popular economic sentiment indicators and the S&P500 index. The disconnect is a result of several interventionist policies from major financial institutions and the White House: the multi-billion […]

What the Return of Global Stimulus Means For Markets in 2020

At the end of 2017, investors witnessed one of the steepest climbs in stock market history. But the expectation that economic growth would continue into 2018 didn’t fuel these new all-time highs. Instead, it was the massive injection of fiscal stimulus pumped into markets worldwide — especially into the Chinese financial system — at the start of 2016. The aim […]

The Concept of a U.S Dollar Collapse Goes Mainstream

Over history, all currencies backed by a pure fiat monetary system come to an end in one way or another. Whether it was recently with the Euro replacing various European currencies like the Portuguese Real in 1999, or during ancient times with the fall of the Denarius, the currency of the Roman Empire, in 274. […]

Did Wall Street & The Fed Ignore A Potential Market Crash?

It’s business as usual after a significant liquidity panic rocked funding markets not seen since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Overnight Repo — the rate at which a central bank repurchases government securities from commercial banks — spiked 7% after remaining steady for over a decade. A surge in repo rates shows shrinking confidence among dealers who — for some unknown […]

Technology Unicorns Expose the Malinvestment Bubble

Only a month ago, Adam Neumann, CEO of WeWork, had it all: a top job, luxury lifestyle, even a Gulfstream G650 private jet. But now, it’s all gone, including hopes of becoming the world’s first trillionaire. As for WeWork, Softbank — it’s largest backer — led the board into damage control mode by ousting Neumann, followed shortly by his wife, […]

To Combat Wealth Inequality, We Need to Stop Share Buybacks

When it comes to profit, everyone can agree there are two kinds of greed: The positive kind allows businesses to create productivity and prosperity in society while the opposite hurts people during that process. Manipulating a company’s stock then selling at a higher price for personal gain isn’t just negative greed, it’s against the law. […]

How Markets Rallied On Fake News

If you had to take a guess of how Trump measures his success, you’d likely choose the performance of the U.S stock market. As of now, POTUS is sitting comfortably with the S&P500 near all-time highs. But to anyone following the business news, they know trading over the past year hasn’t been plain sailing but a volatile ride. […]