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The Smart Way To Use a Credit Card

In the digital age where methods of transacting become easier every year, there’s no obvious catalyst preventing us from becoming a full-blown, cashless society. Consequently, the temptation to increase spending habits has never been greater. By using your phone, tablet, or credit card, you can instantly pay for a spice pumpkin latté at your local coffee […]

How to Invest For an Apocalypse

How to Invest For an Apocalypse An introduction to armageddon-style investing Since 2011, Alex Mason has been planning for an apocalypse. By joining the “Doomsday Prepper” craze the 17-year-old has mastered the art of survival, teaching himself how to fish, hunt with a crossbow, and stockpile resources. Despite the obvious backlash from his friends and family he […]

Why the Entire World Is Heading For Negative Interest Rates

The threat of Japanification spreads across the globe In January 2016, the Central Bank of Japan made a remarkable decision: for the first time, the Japanese economy would feel the effects of a negative interest rate. After decades of low productivity and commerce, the central bank had no other option after running out of ideas on how […]

Adam Neumann: The First Billion Dollar Redundancy

How WeWork’s founder walked away with a fortune Love him or hate him, Adam Neumann, the founder of WeWork, has walked away with a whopping 1.7 billion dollar severance package, smashing the previous record of $417 million held by Jack Welch — the former CEO of General Electric. As for WeWork, the company’s valuation continues to decline losing 80 percent over the […]

The Potential Chilean Crisis

Emerging market uncertainty has finally hit Chile. The Chinese Economy Owns Chile Emerging market turmoil has finally hit the mainstream and financial media can’t get enough. Coverage of the crisis you are witnessing in Turkey & Argentina didn’t happen overnight but developed slowly ever since the financial crisis in 2007/08. Other emerging market economies such as […]